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Following Grand Master Boliard’s Cane Self Defense Class on the 30th of October, will be Black Belt Testing at Master March’s & Master Soo’s on the 22nd & the 29th of November, respectively. All are welcome to these events. Contact Master Soo for more information.

Markus 2nd Dan Test-2
Markus 2nd Dan Test

Movie Star & TKD Master Ernie Reyes, Jr. was in town on the 21st of June! Masters Floyd, Annie &Vince Soo trained with him! Dontae, Patrick and Mikayla also joined them! A great time was had by all, as you can see below...

Ernie Reyes Jr - USKKA
Ernie Reyes Jr - Floyd
Ernie Reyes Jr19
Ernie Reyes Jr03
Ernie Reyes Jr with 3 Masters

Masters Floyd Soo, Young Drouillard, Dale Drouillard, Annie Soo-Mott; Grand Master Kang Uk Lee, Master Andrew Lee after GM Lee’s Tang Soo Do seminar on the 12th of May 2013.


Tyler, Grand Master Kang Uk Lee, Terri after GM Lee’s Tang Soo Do seminar on the 11th of May 2013


Tyler, Master Andy Lee, Terri; 11 May 2013


Masters Mike March, Dale Drouillard, Young Drouillard; Terri and Tyler after GM Lee’s seminar.

Congratulations to Terri and Tyler for their promotion to Permanent 1st Gup; and to Neethan for his promotion to Permanent 4th Gup on the 17th of December!

Congratultions also to Roger, Aaron, Dontae, Ben & Josh on their promotions to Permanent 3rd Gup on the 19th of December!

Photos will be posted here soon!

Grand Master Greg Boliard (9th Dan, Tang Soo Do) lead his Street Smart Defense Course here at Floyd Soo’s Korean Karate’s main club in Orion Twp., MI. This class was held in conjunction with the Instructor’s Class on Thursday evening, the 11th of October. The self defense techniques covered was the use of a small pocket sized (tactical) flashlight. Many people carry these small LED flashlights nowadays so they can read menus, find keys and locks, etc. These small flashlights can be used effectively as an “equalizer” against an opponent in a self defense situation. Law enforcement and military personnel have used these techniques for years. Now, body guards, security guards, self defense instructors and other “professionals” are utilizing these proven techniques as well. Flashlights were supplied to participants of the class. If anyone is interested in purchasing one of the flashlights that were used during the class, they are available from Master Floyd Soo for a few dollars. At this price, EVERYONE should carry one of these handy little lights with them at all times! Contact him if you are interested in buying one...

Black Belt testing in Kalamazoo, MI on the 30th of June 2012

Master March's opening remarks

Master March addressing the group prior to the testing.

The Testing Board

Testing Board: Masters Dale & Young Drouillard, Mike March, Floyd Soo, Annie Mott & Vince Soo

Preparing for their test...

Candidates preparing for the testing.

Joe taking Mike down

Joe taking down Mike

Mike counter attacking on Joe

Mike counterattacking Joe

Mark Sr. and Mark Jr.

Mark, Sr. and Mark, Jr., father and son enjoying some male bonding!

Joe performing his bo kata

Joe performing his Bo Form

Mike Park running the “show”

Mike Park running the show!
Mark finishing up Chil Sung Sahm Ro
Joe smashing thru 4 inches, no problem!

Mark Kenney, Sr. finishing up Chil Sung Sahm Ro

Catalina Kenney going thru the slabs like paper!
Mike McN blasting thru 5 inches!
Mark Kenney smashing 3 inches UNSPACED!
Group shot
Traditional pic after BB testing!

USKKA traditional Black Belt testing picture

Grand Master Kang Uk Lee hosted his annual traditional Tang Soo Do seminar in Trenton, Michigan again on the 12th of May 2012.  Mike McN. and Ana M. accompanied Master Soo to the seminar. Master March also brought a handful of students from Kalamazoo. It is always a pleasure to train with GM, his son Master Andrew and Master Drouillard!

Floyd, Annie, Mr & Mrs Lee-b

Master Floyd Soo, Master Annie Soo-Mott with GM Kang Uk Lee and his lovely wife chatting after the seminar.

Mike, Joon, Annie,  Floyd, Mrs Lee, Dale-b

Mike & Joon Park, Master Annie Mott, Master Floyd Soo, Mrs. Lee, Master Dale Drouillard chatting after the seminar on the 12 of May 2012.

Mike, Floyd, Dale, Annie, Ana-b

Mike McNamara, Master Soo, Master Drouillard, Master Mott & Ana at GM Lee’s recent Tang Soo Do seminar on the 12 of May 2012.

Please check out the “FORMS” page, as the information regarding our Forms has been updated!

Kim, March, Soo b

Above is Master Mike March, Grand Master Chung Il Kim, and Master Floyd Soo relaxing after a traditional Tang Soo Do seminar.

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